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7. Handling requests/tickets

To increase transparency and improve service quality, EFEX applies the Ticket system to receive and process requests from customers. Through Ticket, the EFEX team can serve customers better.

Complaints related to broken goods, loss in warehouse or during packaging... we commit to handle within 48 working hours and compensate within 7 days from the date of confirmation for orders with Sufficient documents and evidence according to EFEX's compensation regulations.

The time limit for accepting complaints for postal items via EFEX is 06 months from the end of the postal item's transit time for complaints about lost postal items.

The time limit for accepting complaints for EFEX postal items is 01 month from the date the postal item is delivered to the recipient for complaints about deterioration, damage, freight rates and other related contents. directly related to postal items.

Complaints will only be accepted after the end of the entire process time target.

EFEX has the right to refuse compensation in specific cases such as:
Goods expire and naturally deteriorate during storage.
Goods lost or damaged due to the customer or objective factors, force majeure cases such as natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, etc.
Goods seized by state management agencies.
Goods are lost during transportation due to the shipping partner's fault or after the recipient has received the goods. Compensation regulations for this loss case comply with the shipping partner's regulations or the customer's agreement with the partner.
Other cases apply according to postal laws promulgated by state agencies.

Regulations on providing cameras for packaging orders:
EFEX provides a default camera extraction system for all orders and is a paid service.
In case the system does not work or provides results that do not match the order, customers can contact customer service for timely support.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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