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2. Product Inspection

2. Product Inspection

The products allowed for storage at EFEX are specified here.
Within 8 working hours from the time you submit information about the products to be stored in the EFEX system, our operational staff will conduct an inspection and verify the product information.

Products that meet the storage requirements will receive a notification of valid goods from our operational staff to the customer.

Products that do not meet the storage requirements will be rejected or require additional information. Customers can contact our dedicated staff for advice and support.

Note: Complete product information must be provided along with supporting documents proving the origin, customs declaration (for imported goods), red invoice, product safety certification, or cosmetics declaration as required by the laws of the respective country. You may supplement the documents later; however, this is an important requirement to avoid any incidents during the control process of stored goods by the state management agency.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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