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5. Outbound Operation

5. Outbound operation

Single orders will be shipped according to the following commitment:
+ For regular B2C orders, we carry out packaging within 6 hours of creating the order with full information and shipping labels.
+ Bulk orders or B2B services will be processed within 6 working hours.
Orders using special shipping services and priority warehousing: We will pack to ensure commitment according to the time required by the shipping partner.
+ B2C (Fulfill Now): Pack within 30 minutes.
+B2B (Fulfill Now): Pack within 1 hour (Applies to orders smaller than 30 SKUs and maximum quantity 5000).
Return goods to the seller from warehouse
Handing over goods to the carrier
On major promotional occasions of the platforms, we commit to minimum packaging according to the requirements of the e-commerce platform and notify customers of the change in quota 5 working days in advance.
We will notify you of promotional periods in advance for order priority so that customers can follow and proactively take care of customers.
We also commit to handing over the goods within 24 hours from the time the order is successfully packaged in case customers use EFEX's or e-commerce platform's shipping services.
Note: For B2B orders that require product reinforcement, hose wrapping, and combos as required, the committed time for packaging and completion will be 24 hours more than the commitment. Customers need to place their orders early to have them processed and delivered according to plan.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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