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1. Rights, Responsibilities, and Limitations of EFEX

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Commitment

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a commitment between EFEX and our customers. We always strive to ensure that our customers can have peace of mind when using our services.

1. Rights, Responsibilities, and Limitations of EFEX

a. Rights:
Require customers to comply with the specified requirements and regulations for shipping from the service provider and the applicable laws.
Request customers to make full and timely payment of the fees as notified by EFEX.
b. Responsibilities and Limitations:
EFEX is not responsible for any losses, damages, delays, or incidents related to goods considered hazardous or prohibited by Vietnamese and international laws.
EFEX is not responsible for damages or breakages of goods if the cause is determined to be due to the customer's packaging.
EFEX is not responsible for undelivered goods due to the recipient's failure to provide necessary documents for customs clearance or delayed provision of required documents to customs for the clearance of the shipment.
Provide a waybill/shipping receipt.
All courier services provided by EFEX comply with the terms and conditions of the selected service provider and EFEX's shipping terms and conditions.
EFEX will rely on the information provided by the customer on the shipping waybill/shipping receipt to deliver the shipment.
In the event of loss, damage, or misplacement of goods or documents caused by the carrier's fault, EFEX is responsible for compensating the customer in accordance with the provisions of international air cargo transportation laws and regulations of Vietnam Post Corporation.
EFEX is not liable for any loss or damages arising from situations beyond EFEX's control.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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