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6. Carriers' Regulations/Policies

Customers who use the services of shipping units through EFEX need to read and comply with that shipping company's own regulations/policies.

NOTE: EFEX has the right to adjust the policies and rates of shipping companies in accordance with the time and will be widely announced by EFEX on the system as well as notified to customers via Email. Policy changes will be applied 7 days from the date of publication.

1. Rights, responsibilities and obligations of the shipper

a. Permission:
Request delivery and receive goods at the address provided or stated on the delivery note
Request to meet the delivery service according to the type of service selected and recorded on the delivery note for the services provided by EFEX.
Request to receive and deliver goods at the requested address within EFEX's service area. If outside the EFEX service area, additional fees will be charged for third party delivery.
Request to provide payment notice and invoice to pay for used services
Request a detailed list of shipping costs.
b. Responsibility:
When sending goods, you must write on the shipping note (bill of lading) all the information of the sender and recipient and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the service provider for the type of service customers choose.
If the consignee's address is incomplete or inaccurate, the customer is responsible for promptly adding it to EFEX so that the goods can be exported. In case the goods are delivered for delivery and this error is discovered, the customer must bear full responsibility. Responsibility related to payment of charges arising such as storage, cancellation of goods, change of address, wrong address, remote area fees, customs fees... (If any)

Customers only send goods when EFEX staff comes to receive the goods with a bill of lading and packaging. Customers write on the packaging the bill of lading number and number of packages. For sending goods, customers must provide a shipping invoice to EFEX. The content of the invoice must have full information about the sender, recipient, goods name, quantity, value, purpose of sending.

Customers are fully responsible for the content of the declared goods
Customers write on the shipping bill (goods details section) the documents related to the shipment and hand it over with signature to EFEX staff.
In case there are other notes such as: request for weighing report before sending, etc., the customer must clearly write on the shipping bill.
Goods must be packaged to meet standards for export. Provide necessary documents promptly and completely to EFEX upon request.
When there is a request to obtain the Customs Declaration or customs declaration extract, the customer must write it on the bill of lading or shipping note before sending the goods to Party B. In case the goods have already been sent, and you want to add requirements. EFEX is not responsible.
Clearly state the documents accompanying the shipment on the bill of lading or delivery note.
Customers need to fully and clearly write down the sender and recipient information, or double-check the information before signing the bill of lading or shipping note. Must provide item name, quantity, weight, value and shipping purpose.

c. Duty:
Provide accurate information related to consignments
Use express delivery services in accordance with current State regulations and agreements between the two parties.
Packaging ensures the safety of goods.
When delivering goods, there must be a delivery list, which clearly states the bill of lading number, country name, type of goods or documents, estimated weight, number of packages, and size of goods.
Sign the date, time, and name of the person delivering the goods to EFEX.
When there is a change in personnel, customers are requested to notify EFEX in writing which employees are no longer working at the company from what date. If no notice is given, the customer is solely responsible for shipments sent by his or her employees.
Commit to fully paying other arising expenses to EFEX (if any), based on the notice of service providers such as: remote area fees, security fees, goods quarantine fees, fumigation fees, wooden crate packing fee or crate packing fee according to specific requirements...

2. Packing & delivery goods to Shipper

When sending goods via a carrier that EFEX provides, for customers who do not use EFEX's warehousing and order processing services (or EFEX’s fulfillment), customers need to comply with the individual packaging regulations of each carrier.

3. Delivery policy to destination and returned policy

The delivery and refund process depends on the regulations of each EFEX Carriers. Customers need to comply with these regulations.

4. Regulations on transferring money to collect COD (Cash in Hand)

By agreeing to this Policy and terms of service use, Customer agrees to authorize EFEX to collect COD money on his behalf.
EFEX agrees to pay COD after collection to the Customer in accordance with the provisions of the Policy and terms of use.
EFEX is responsible for checking COD, updating customer accounts registered on the EFEX system and paying COD every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, specifically:
On Monday, we check all successful applications from Thursday and Saturday of the previous week.
On Wednesday, we check all successful orders from last Sunday to Monday of the same week.
On Friday, we check all successful applications on Tuesday and Wednesday of the same week.
Bank transfer fees (If any) in all cases will be charged to the Customer according to the regulations of the bank that the Customer is using at the time of the transaction.

5. Regulations on payment of fees

5.1. Reconcilation: Reconcilation activities are conducted by EFEX periodically every month.
From the 1st to the 3rd day of each month, EFEX will send notifications via email to Customers about the incurred fee data and service invoices of the previous month. Customers log in to the EFEX system to check detailed data.
Shipment for which expenses are recorded are shipments that are successfully picked up from the 25th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month.
Within 7 working days from the date EFEX sends notice of invoice issuance, Customer will check, compare and respond to EFEX with the results. In case of any discrepancy, both parties will agree to make adjustments during the next month's invoice issuance period.
If Customer exceeds this time limit, the Customer does not respond, or the response is unclear, EFEX's aggregated results are assumed to be accurate and the parties commit not to have any complaints or disputes on this issue.
5.2. Payment term (in case of post-payment): Customers are obliged to pay Service Fees and Additional Surcharges to EFEX within fourteen (14) working days from the date of invoice issuance. or according to separate agreements in the contract. Invoice date is the date shown on the service invoice that EFEX issues to the Customer.
5.3. Payment method: Depending on the agreement of the Parties, payment is made in one of the following forms:
- Prepayment: Customers transfer money to EFEX in advance. EFEX deposits that amount into the Customer's service account balance on EFEX's system.
Based on the expected and actual daily volume of orders, the Customer determines the amount of prepayment to maintain the service. EFEX only performs services when the Customer's service account balance has sufficient funds
EFEX has no obligation to perform services when the Customer's service account balance has insufficient funds and EFEX has no obligation whatsoever for actual/potential loss to the Customer due to service suspension. this case.
- Debit debt or offset against Collection Payment (COD) amount in case the Customer has a contract to use EFEX's Delivery service and has authorized EFEX to collect payment (COD). The parties will prepare a record of debt settlement according to the laws of the host country.
If the Customer has not paid after the payment deadline, EFEX has the right to temporarily lock the account, freeze the balance and deduct the Service Fee from the Collection Payment (COD).

In case the Customer is late on payment, EFEX has the right to suspend any or all services, charge interest on all overdue debts from the due date until payment and/or exercise other rights. or other remedy for the amount owed.

6. Regulations on handling complaints

EFEX receives complaints through the following channels:
– Livechat on website/social network channels From 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Saturday
– Email to:

All complaints must be submitted in writing to EFEX within 3 days (three days) from the date of receipt of goods, after which date EFEX will not guarantee your rights to complain with Express Couriers in force. or not.
All complaints must have photos, email or other appropriate evidence as a basis for the complaint.

Note: In case of a complaint, the Customer must be responsible for supporting the complaint handling staff in the process of verifying information by providing truthful and accurate information when the staff handles the complaint. please contact. In case the complaint handling staff is unable to contact the Customer to verify information about the complaint or the Customer intentionally provides inaccurate information, the complaint handling staff has the right to end the complaint. and no further explanation.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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