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1. Definition

In these Terms of Service (“TOS”), unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms will have the following meanings:
“T&C” means the general terms and conditions and any appendices to these T&C and all amendments, modifications, or supplements to these T&C from time to time;
“EFEX” means EFEX ASIA LOGISTICS SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, a company established under the provisions of Vietnamese law. EFEX is a company that provides solutions to optimize operations and transportation costs provided by EFEX, with the function of meeting the needs of customers to use transportation services. This service is then transferred to the selected Partner. register and have the ability to perform coordination and provision as requested by that Customer.
“Account” means an online account that the Customer opens on an EFEX technology platform, to use the EFEX Services;
“Customer” means customers or people authorized by customers to use accounts using EFEX’s services.
“Service Usage Fee” means the fee in Vietnam Dong, inclusive of value added tax that Customers must pay for their use of the Services specified in this T&C. This Service Usage Fee may be adjusted depending on the pricing policy of EFEX and the relevant Partners when applicable at the time the customer creates the shipment on the EFEX system or sending shipment data via EFEX customer success specialist;
“Service/EFEX Services” means postal delivery service and/or cash on delivery service and/or Cargo insurance service and/or other additional services through the technology platform of EFEX, including web platform and applications on iOS and Android operating systems, integrated technology system platform and connection between EFEX and Partners through EFEX;
“Shipping partners” are independent third parties registered as partners providing the following services to Customers using EFEX:
– Postal delivery services;
– Cash on delivery (COD) service;
– Cargo insurance services;
– Other additional services.
“Shipper” means Partner's employee responsible for receiving, transporting, and delivering Customer's packages.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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