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5. Exemption liability policy

EFEX and Carriers will be exempt from liability for compensation for goods in cases where goods are damaged or lost as follows:
Damage occurs entirely due to the Customer's fault or due to natural characteristics or inherent defects of the goods.
The customer cannot prove that the goods were sent and lost or damaged due to EFEX and Couriers.
Goods are confiscated or destroyed according to the decision of the competent authority due to the Customer's failure to comply with regulations on complaints and dispute resolution according to law.
EFEX and Carriers will be exempted from liability in case the statute of limitations for complaints regarding goods has passed and EFEX has not previously received any complaints, specifically:
– More than 1 (one) month from the end date of the postal item's transit time for complaints about loss of postal items or slow delivery of postal items compared to the published time standards.
– More than 7 (seven) days from the date the postal item is delivered to the recipient for complaints about damaged or damaged postal items, freight rates and other contents directly related to the postal item.
The complainant is not a Customer who directly uses EFEX's Services (the complainant is not the person who pays the order fee).
The goods are proven by EFEX and Carriers to have been robbed, snatched or damaged by the Recipient designated by the Customer and due to the Customer's fault.
Damage caused by goods supplied from the Customer that are not of guaranteed quality, including but not limited to product sizes that do not match the images on the website that the Customer has provided.
In case Carriers has returned the goods a maximum of 03 (three) times but the Customer refuses to receive the goods back or EFEX and Carriers cannot contact the Customer, then EFEX and Carriers will keep the goods for 03 (three) months from the first time. pay finally. After this time, EFEX and Carriers will be exempt from all loss and damage related to the above order.
Force majeure cases according to the provisions of Vietnamese Law; Goods were confiscated by the authorities due to the Customer violating the law on prohibited/restricted goods/transportation.
In case part of the damage occurs due to the Customer's violation, EFEX and Investor are exempted from liability for compensation corresponding to the level of damage caused by the Customer.

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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