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3. List of prohibited goods

No.Types of goods
13-piece sticks, batons, clubs, knives, guns, bayonets, primitive weapons, water guns, support flashlights, self-defense flashlights,... are prohibited dangerous goods (weapons). transport.
2Hunting guns and hunting bullets, sporting weapons, support tools;
3Opium, compounds from opium, narcotics and psychoactive substances
4Prohibited chemicals and precursors;
5Cultural products that are depraved, reactionary, superstitious or harmful to aesthetic and personality education; publications and documents intended to sabotage public order against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
6Military weapons, equipment, techniques, weapons, specialized vehicles for military and police use; military equipment (including badges, insignia, military insignia of the army and police), military equipment for the armed forces; components, parts, spare parts, supplies and specialized equipment, and specialized technology to manufacture them
7Firecrackers, explosive or flammable objects or substances, and substances that are dangerous or unsanitary, causing environmental pollution
8Dangerous toys, toys harmful to children's personality education and health or to social security, order and safety (including electronic game programs);
9Thuốc thú y, thuốc bảo vệ thực vật cấm hoặc chưa được phép sử dụng tại Việt Nam theo quy định tại Pháp lệnh Thú y, Pháp lệnh Bảo vệ và kiểm dịch thực vật;
10Wild plants and animals (including live animals and their processed parts) on the list of international treaties to which Vietnam is a member stipulate and precious plants and animals. Rare and on the list of prohibited exploitation and use;
11Fisheries banned from exploitation, aquatic products with toxic residues exceeding the allowable limit, aquatic products with natural toxins that endanger human life
12Fertilizers are not on the list of permitted production, business and use in Vietnam
13Livestock breeds are not on the list of permitted production and business; livestock breeds that are harmful to human health, livestock genetic resources, the environment, and the ecosystem;
14Plant varieties not included in the list of permitted production and trading; Plant varieties that are harmful to production, human health, the environment, and the ecosystem
15Special and toxic minerals;
16Imported scrap causes environmental pollution;
17Human medicines, vaccines, medical biological products, cosmetics, chemicals and insecticidal and antibacterial preparations in the household and medical fields are not allowed to be used in Vietnam
18Types of medical equipment not yet allowed to be used in Vietnam;
19Food additives, food processing aids, micronutrients, functional foods, high-risk foods, foods preserved by irradiation, foods with altered genes The change has not been authorized by a competent state agency;
20Products and materials containing asbestos belong to the amphibole group;
21Vietnamese money, foreign money and papers with value like money.
22Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum...), precious stones or other products made from precious metals and stones;
23Smuggled cigarettes, cigars and other forms of finished tobacco products;
24Living creatures;
25Goods containing radioactive substances, radiation equipment or radioactive sources;
26All kinds of wine
27Types of items and goods that the state prohibits/restricts from circulation, business, export, and import;
28Articles, publications, and goods prohibited from import;
29Sending items and goods in mail, publications, and educational products for the blind (Decree 142/2004/ND-CP dated July 8, 2004).
30Medicines for humans must have invoices and business licenses.
31Postal items contain many items, sent to many different receiving addresses
32List of weapons (Legal document regulating weapons of the Ministry of Justice).
33Other products as prescribed by law.

Prohibited goods from transportation by air

No.Types of goodsNote
1All types of weapons (eg knives, guns, bayonets, clubs, batons, primitive weapons...)Prohibited goods are transported regardless of whether they travel by air or road
2Other types of items shaped like knives or guns (eg gun-shaped lighters, knife-shaped lighters...)Prohibited goods are transported regardless of whether they travel by air or road
3Air guns, spring guns, homemade guns of all kindsProhibited goods are transported regardless of whether they travel by air or road
4Electric whip – Super bright flashlightProhibited goods are transported regardless of whether they travel by air or road
5Pepper sprayProhibited goods are transported regardless of whether they travel by air or road
6Batteries (weight over 100 grams or volume over 100 ml)Prohibited from transportation by air
7Batteries, backup chargers, gas tanks, bluetooth speakers, wireless microphones (products that use batteries), cajuput essential oil...Prohibited from transportation by air
8Metal (weight over 200 grams)Prohibited from transportation by air
9Gas containers (lighters) with a volume of over 50mlProhibited from transportation by air
10Gels (lotions, cosmetics, perfumes) with a volume of over 50mProhibited from transportation by air
11Wine, beer, and alcoholic substances with a volume of over 200mlProhibited from transportation by air
12Water of all kinds - volume over 500mlProhibited from transportation by air

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