Articles on: Warehouse Operation Policy

1. List of prohibited goods

STTProduct name
1Weapons, ammunition, military equipment, military equipment and specialized technical equipment of the armed forces
3Some chemicals are strongly toxic
4Artifacts belonging to historical, cultural, and museum relics
5Cigarettes produced abroad
6Types of fireworks
7Preventive and curative drugs for humans and livestock, plant protection drugs and other types of medical equipment and instruments that are not allowed to be used in Vietnam
8Wild plants and animals on the list of international conventions that Vietnam is a signatory to and other rare and precious animals and plants that need to be protected
9Some children's toys are harmful to personality education, children's health or to social security, order and safety
10Goods containing radioactive substances and ionizing radiation emitters
11Domestically produced cigarettes
12Wine of all kinds with over 30% alcohol or more
13Explosive materials

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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